The Legend of ZERO Short Story: Opening Night at the Naturals Preserve

By Sara King

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The Baga are under attack. When the savage, bloodthirsty miga continue to multiply on the planet Blekk, Ifan fears for the survival of his much smaller, meeker race, the Baga.

When strange new visitors arrive in odd flying shelters and speaking a language Ifan does not understand, they save him from the miga, but he knows nothing of their intentions …

Little does Ifan know, these visitors are on Blekk looking for a sentient race. If they do not find one, the planet will be terra-formed with all life forms to be wiped out – save for a small sample of each native species to be sent to the intergalactic Naturals Preserve.

Of course, the Baga are sentient. Unlike the stupid miga. It’s up to Ifan to figure out a way to communicate with these visitors and prove his sentience and that of his people. If he can’t, his home, race, and entire planet will be annihilated.

On the plus side, so would the miga. But that’s a large price to pay …

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Very entertaining and enthralling. Had me on the edge of my seat.