The Moldy Dead; The Legend of ZERO, Book 0.5

By Sara King

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“The Moldy Dead” is one of the powerful and poignant “Creation Myth” stories for Sara King’s overwhelmingly popular Legend of ZERO series. It is the history of Congress’ First Contact with the sentient species known as the Geuji, and the unspeakable tragedy that befell their entire species in the early history of Congress.

It’s a SHORT story, approx 8,000 words, and is touted by many to be one of King’s best short works. A must-read for fans of the ZERO series!

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Great job guys

No joke, hands down, one of the greatest if not the greatest Sci-fi writers alive. “Moldy Dead” is a gem of a short story to The Legend of Zero series - recommend you wait until you’ve read the first two books… it’s worth the wait.

great job

"They're doing it for me."

It seemed an ill fated mission from the start after embarking on the approximately nine year journey, only to arrive at the planet covered in mould. It would get worse. This is a short (about an hour) story set in Sara King's Zero universe and precedes book 1, Forging Zero. It is skilfully written to deliver horror and sadness, and narrated by Jeff Hayes, whose performance is as thrillingly impeccable as always. Available from the really excellent Soundbooth Theatre and highly recommended, especially to all Zero fans


Great short story from this univeruniverse

Best narration ever!

I love the books, but this narration was outstanding! Thank you for a job well done!

I love the Legend of Zero books and Jeff does an amazing job narrating them!

Another epic tale by Sara King and Jeff Hays. As usual be prepared to feel strong emotions.