The Legend of ZERO, Book 1.5: Zero Marked

By Sara King

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Two turns after the events of Forging Zero, Rat and Joe finally finish their PlanOps training and get orders to their first duty station–a hellhole Bagan planet called Blekk–but first, a little good old fashioned R&R! Joe and Rat get set loose on the Ueshi pleasure planet of Kaleu with fourteen days and five turns’ worth of credits burning a hole in their pockets, and they plan to make full use of it! But this wouldn’t be a Legend of Zero if Zero didn’t do something legendary, now would it? One would certainly think that a 15 day vacation to an Ueshi pleasure planet would be nothing but peace and relaxation… However, when Baga are involved, a lot can go sideways–especially when one of Joe’s groundmates is a numbers-crunching, gambling-obsessed savant fixated on beating the house! Kidnapping, assassination, a splash of gratuitous violence, nailbats… Can Zero save his teammates from the bowels of a casino and salvage his vacation before time runs out? Will Rat get her revenge, or will her competitive streak go too far? Come enjoy the latest installment in the Legend of ZERO!

For lovers of Science Fiction Adventure, Action, First Contact, Military, and Space Opera, Zero Marked is a thrilling ride through Zero’s first days as a Congie PlanOps graduate…

Note: This book is a stand-alone to the ZERO series and can be read in any order. This 66,000 word novella of Rat and Joe’s first (chaotic) taste of freedom after graduating from PlanOps sets up the next ZERO book, Mission Zero: Swarm.

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Super Fun Read

I don't usually do novellas but I was really craving the continuation of Zero's story. I'm glad I took a chance because this story was awesome! Sara King is such a good author when it comes to back and forth banter. I laughed out loud at several scenes. Parts of this story follows Rat and I love her casual attitude towards death, violence and her ongoing grudge with Zero. This story was well done and fills in some details on several characters. Narration by Jeff Hays was fantastic. Every character is brought to life and very distinct. He's become one of my favorite narrators.

Delightfully Surprised!

NEVER in a 100 years would I ever purposely listen to a novella, can’t stand them. I went into this book thinking it was book 3. All I thought was “oh new audiobook in the Zero series, must be book 3” and didn’t hesitate to buy it and immediately start listening to it. I didn’t even look at the price. A few minutes in I had to stop and look up what I was listening too. Realizing it was a novella i “facepalmed” and decided well…I already paid for it. Honestly, I’m glad I wasn’t paying attention because this book was FANTASTIC! It was fun. It started the bridge on what is a pretty big gap in time between the first book and the real second book. Anyway, I recommend this to any fan. It was worth the listen.

Another Great Story!

Sara King... what can I say... that I haven't said before. A great story, a MUST read or listen to any fan out there, and for those looking for entertainment. Thank you Jeff Hays for making it come alive even more.

Oh Man!

I wish I could give Zero Marked 10 stars! Of course, I'd read the Kindle version and laughed my ass off. But the audio version was so hilarious and perfectly narrated that I doubt I'll ever actually read the text book again, in favor of listening to the audio version. Joe is oblivious, as usual, and Rat is cool, blasé and stubbornly unconvinced of Joe's innocence, no matter what he says. She has a venomous comeback for everything! Along with the vendetta Rat has against Joe and her vow to make him pay, the pair find themselves hunted by hyout Vagan-trained assassins, attempting to save a numbers crunching savant ground-mate from being enslaved by the owner of a crooked casino owner and having to deal with Flea, a practically unkillable Bagan prankster with a butt-load of glue that he gleefully shoots at everyone. Give it a listen. I promise you'll laugh. Parachute!

Another great addition to the Zero series

Some X.5 books by authors are throw away stories that they did as an afterthought, not Sara King. Great insight and development of all characters. I always thought that the jump in Zero’s character from book 1 to book 2 was a little extreme, though 1.5 really starts to show why that development happened and is a great addition to the series. As there is more than enough material for 1.75 book, hopefully at some point it would become a reality. Jeff Hays once again nails it and puts on an amazing narration. He really is in a class of his own. If you are any kind of fan of the series, this is a must to pick up.