Supers – Ex Heroes, Short Story: Cult of the Fox

By Jamie Hawke

(6 Reviews)


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Not all superheroes wear capes and masks, and not all are human. Take Charm, for example, with her fox ears and tails and a background that took her from a planet full of her kind to become one of the key members to one of the most badass superhero teams ever – Breaker’s Berserkers.

She’s feisty and fun, but also… a bit restless. One night she decides to go on an adventure of her own, soon wrapped up in a fight for her life on a planet of fox-worshiping whackos.

Charm’s powers are threatened, her future in turmoil… but what she’s uncovered here might be the key to the next leg of the adventures of the Supers and their intergalactic fight against evil.

© 2023 Jamie Hawke ℗ 2023 Soundbooth Theater

About The Author

Jamie Hawke is an author, videogame writer, and screenwriter. His videogame writing credits (under the pseudonym Justin Sloan) include work on such titles as, Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, and The Walking Dead. He spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps and has written such books as Supers: Ex Heroes, Psychobitches, and Planet Kill.

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Reviews (6)

Another hit

The studio nailed it once again. The voice actors for this series is always on point.

Charm’s at it again

Much like the rest of the series, I enjoyed it. Anything with Charm is worth it. The dialogue was funny, yet serious when it needs to be. The action’s pretty cool as well. I don’t have much else other than it kept my attention.

More Charm!!!

What can I say, Charm is definitely my favorite. I'm excited for more stories and this one is an excellent short in between. Also, Yvonne is an excellent narrator.