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Life Reset 4

The monster returns to save the players

Author Spotlight:
Charles Dean

Get to know the author of some of your favorite SBT classics

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Irrelevant Jack 2

Climb the Tower, Feed the Town

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Infernal Bones

Hell hath no fury like a Bone Dungeon scorned

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The Fallen Bard

A Fugitive with a Fiddle

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Writing Irrelevant Jack

Prax Venter is the author of the beloved Irrelevant Jack series. Now that the third audiobook is available on Audible we wanted to give you all a look inside the mind of the author, himself. Greetings, Humans! This article is intended to be a ‘how the sausage is made’, behind the scenes look regarding the […]

SBT Author Spotlight: Charles Dean

You might know Charles Dean as the author of some of your favorite SBT classics, including the wildly popular War Aeternus series. Or perhaps you know him as the most vocal champion of bacon and beer within the GameLit/LitRPG community. But do you know which video games have most inspired him? To celebrate the fact […]

Welcome to the new SBT

New look, same lunatics. Welcome to our new online home. While it may look like a beautifully designed website – which, to be fair, it is – it’s also so much more. Henceforth, this fantastic corner of the internet will serve as the interactive hub of all things Soundbooth Theater. In addition to our extensive […]