Cold Reads — Dead Tired, Book 2

By RavensDagger

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WARNING! Incomplete, UNSTABLE audio. Listen at own risk!

  • Raw audio of upcoming audiobook
  • No edits – includes chatting, mess-ups, cursing and laughing
  • Available for a limited time! (Until complete version is published to Audible)

In the distant past, a time of magic and swordplay, there lived Harold, the mightiest lich of all, a master of arcane sciences, and a challenger of gods. After reaching the pinnacle of his power and finding it surprisingly bland, Harold waged a cataclysmic war against the gods, aiming to shatter the very system that confined him.

He took a nap, but he is awake once more.

Upon discovering that the new gods have been using some of his phylacteries as batteries to sustain themselves and grow more powerful, Harold has decided to take back what is his. He won’t be alone. Accompanied by his faithful butler and maid Alex and a limpet that just won’t leave no matter how often he teleports her over the nearest lake, Harold journeys north and east.

The Flaming Steppes await. An untamed land where great mantises roam and where a few fiery sects have made their homes, cultivating and growing in one of the harshest environments in the Divine Kingdom.

They are not prepared for Harold and his companions.


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