Cold Reads — A Summoner Awakens, Book 2: Ascension

By Kerberos

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Sometimes, life’s greatest lessons are found in failure…

With the circumvention of Aurora’s grim fate—and a heavy heart at what’d been required to avoid it—Rowan and his budding Party take their first steps toward realizing their goals; Aurora, a brilliant young woman, is determined to uncover the truths behind her father’s disappearance. Nathaniel, the stalwart companion, is shackled by his name and longs to be free. Rowan, a wily old geezer, is compelled by his circumstances to turn their unlikely coalition into a force that can survive the fated calamity.

Rowan once more dons the mantle of mentor as his growing Party looks to him for guidance. Lessons learned through tribulation are everlasting. Within the shadow of danger lurks opportunity. And oftentimes, the biggest threat is the one you don’t see coming…

Don’t miss Book 2 in the A SUMMONER AWAKENS Seriesa Deck Building LitRPG utilizing a Card-based Magic System with loads of customization and steady power progression. Perfect for fans of All the Skills and Towers of Heaven, as well as games such as Slay the SpireHearthstone, and Gwent.


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  • Release Date: 04/30/2024
  • Imprint: Soundbooth Theater
  • Genres: Cold Read, LitRPG