Earth Force; Relict Legacy, Book 2, Episode 4 – Cinematic Audio

By Shemer Kuznits

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The crew begrudgingly sets off to Grotula 3 on NO_ONE’s fetch quest. But the Aky scientist is more than meets the eye.

About The Author

Shemer has been a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and RPG games for decades. He started devouring LitRPG books from the moment he discovered them back in 2016. After reading well over 100 of them, Shemer decided to contribute to the genre by writing his first novel: Life Reset.

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Reviews (3)

Always interesting to meet someone whose ego won’t fit in the room…literally.

One of the funner first-contact type books. plus...deep dive...Jeff hays. best narrator out there

Can’t wait for the next! Just listened to the first book and all these episodes in one weekend! I just couldn’t stop!