Relict Legacy, Book 2: Earth Force 2 (Episode 1) – Cinematic Audio

By Shemer Kuznits

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This is the first episode of a serial with a full cast, music and sound effects

Having dealt with the immediate threat of the mutated Warped, Earth Force and Unity are preparing to leave Earth’s Solar system.

Their destination is the alien space station known as Hammerhead, a nexus for space miners venturing into the nearby asteroid field.

Led by their captain, Nori, they will have to navigate their way through many aliens and cultures. They’ll forge new friendships and acquire resources and alien technologies in order to help the survivors back home.

But their main objective is different: they’re hunting the person responsible. The one who gave the order to infuse Earth with the Tec. They will track him down at any cost to discover what he has in store for the entire human race.

Want the whole book, but can’t wait for monthly episodes? The full classic audiobook narrated by Jeff Hays with no sound effects or music is available for purchase!

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About The Author

Shemer has been a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and RPG games for decades. He started devouring LitRPG books from the moment he discovered them back in 2016. After reading well over 100 of them, Shemer decided to contribute to the genre by writing his first novel: Life Reset.

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Reviews (9)

I’m here for space leech waifu 😍

I’m here for space leech waifu 😍


Fun to listen to

Love the series. Kinda exciting

Love it

Worth it