Vampire Queen, Book 2: The Barghest

By Sara King

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Having teamed up with Theo, a very old and surprisingly chivalrous vampire lord, Bonnie and her samurai friend Masaaki now have a slightly better chance of surviving the next couple weeks. But trouble calls when one of Theo’s old friends gets kidnapped by a rival lord, and he and the samurai leave the untrained queen alone while they rush headlong into a trap. Angry at suddenly being the rich errand girl, Bonnie makes a very unwise decision to go rescue a barghest from local slavers—the same barghest that both of her guardians repeatedly warned her not to save because barghests eat vampires. But she is inexplicably drawn to the huge beast called Björn, even as he makes her tremble in fear. Now, while Theo is missing in action, and Masaaki is wandering lost in the Alaskan wilderness, Bonnie alone must find a way to keep the barghest from eating everyone who pisses him off while simultaneously staying out of the hands of the Inquisition.

Author’s Note:
This is not your usual vampire story. If you’ve read my books, you know I don’t do run-of-the-mill genre fiction. I can’t. As one of my editors—after instructing me to write a couple mindless formula brain-candy romances to make a quick buck and I wrote him Alaskan Fire instead—said, “You just can’t write brainless s***, can you?” Nope. Can. Not. Which brings us to Alaskan Fang. This series is different. It’s different from other vampire books, different than paranormal romance genre books, and it’s different from my usual sci-fi books. It’s gonna get dark in places, creepy in others, but like all my books, it’ll be an absolute crazy thrill ride adventure throughout. It’ll have more sex than my other books (because vampires), probably some kinky sex (because vampires), and quite possibly multiple partners (because vampires). That said, the story is not about sex. I plan to keep the romantic sex scenes to a minimum for the first few books, maybe append some clearly-marked They Get It On supplementals to the later books for the romance section of the fanbase, since most of my readers are sci-fi geeks and not really into lots of graphic sex. But yeah, I think differently, so I had to write different. Hopefully you guys enjoy my twisted world regardless…

Enjoy this new paranormal fantasy adventure by bestselling author Sara King, the latest in her long catalogue of epic sci-fi and fantasy works! Join the suspense of a young vampire surviving a world of supernatural terrors and things that go bump in the night, and see what happens when King takes the myths and fairy tales of the Guardians of the First Realm world and spins them into a brand new urban fantasy adventure!

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So much fun

Lots of fun with adult humor I love it . Sara king dose it agen .this books is unlike any other vampire books. You will find yourself falling in love with the characters and laughing your a** off. As you're driving down the road.

Every Day.....

Every day going to and from work, I would look forward to those 20 minute sessions! I have read ALL Sara King books, and the audio editions are JUST AS GOOD. If you are new to Sara King, try it, you will not be disappointed. Looking forward to the next book Outer Bounds 3, and Soundbooth Theater next audio.

Inappropriately Funny

I love everything Sara King puts out and this was no exception. I laughed in so many weird places, even when people are flicking off pieces of eyeball from their clothes or standing amidst a total carnage. The dialogue coupled with the narration from Sound Booth is just so good you can't help but laugh out loud. Bonnie is so clueless you wonder how she's going to survive in a world with vampires and other supernatural creatures. She's like a modern day Mr Magoo bumbling along but still managing to come out on top. I love Sara's take on the supernatural and how she has woven disparate pieces of lore into a cohesive universe that just works.

Okay, I’ll just wait here, hanging off of this cliff…

This is a fantastic performance of a fantastic book! The print book was amazing to begin with, introducing fresh lore to traditional legends like Vampires, biblical & mytholologial entities, like The Four Horsemen, & the Norse Gods. All of it woven into this amazing story about the 19 year old abused & neglected child of some twisted billionaires, named Bonnie Stanford. Bonnie just wants to get away from her weird parents and become a nurse, that’s all! But her life gets away from her when her parents leave her a note & she finds a naked, ancient (albeit HOT) Samauri in her attic, and she finds out she’s really a vampire queen! This incredible story is taken to a whole new level of WICKED AWESOMENESS by the amazing talent of the Soundbooth Theater’s voice actors! All I can add at this point is please HURRY up with The Feylord (book 3), ‘cuz we are all hanging here waiting!