Vampire Queen, Book 3: The Feylord

By Sara King

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After narrowly escaping the Duke of the Nightlands (and leaving Theo at his mercy), Bonnie and the feylord (Tl’oghk’etnaeyen) find themselves reunited with Björn. Barely surviving a run-in with a Fury, Bonnie finally learns to compromise and communicate as they continue their search for Masaaki. In the process, Björn finds out the past may not be quite as he remembers it; Bonnie and Tl’oghk’etnaeyen forge a deeper trust and understanding of each other; and Theo ends up in an uneasy alliance with a brainwashed Inquisitor. But even as new, fragile partnerships are formed, a malignant demigod is getting closer to seeing his evil plans come to fruition. Will Björn and Tl’oghk’etnaeyen each find a way to end their miserable curses? Or will Bonnie’s hasty alliances crumble, leaving her to face Pestilence alone? Join the suspense…

Author’s Note:
This is not your usual vampire story. If you’ve read my books, you know I don’t do run-of-the-mill genre fiction. I can’t. As one of my editors—after instructing me to write a couple mindless formula brain-candy romances to make a quick buck and I wrote him Alaskan Fire instead—said, “You just can’t write brainless s***, can you?” Nope. Can. Not. Which brings us to Alaskan Fang. This series is different. It’s different

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Great narration!

Sarah is a great story teller, I hope she finds the inspiration to finish this series. Annie, Jeff and the rest of the SBT team knocked another great narration out of the park.

When is the next book due to come out?!

Oh Holy HELL! What will I do with my time while Sara writes the next book?! Thanks to the Feylord, Bonnie seems to be closer to facing her fear of nudity…or at least she wants to be. And now it seems she has a shrink on retainer (whether she wants one or not)! There are several different factions of beings who want to possess her for their own gain—some of which amount to no more than vampire puppy mills, and the human Inquisition will imprison her for study, or maybe even extermination if they get their hooks into her. All in all, the life of a 19 year old virgin Vampire Queen is more interesting than the average millionaire heiress college kid. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!


Sara’s unique style is on full display throughout this novel. You will laugh, cry, root for the little guy, and develop cheeks red enough to warm a small town at times. I can guarantee a smile will not be far from your face while she takes you on this sojourn.

Absolute Treat!

Sara's writing already is very impressive, the style always pulls you in to the realm with the characters, but SoundBooth takes it to a whole new level of awesome. They had me snorting, chortling, gasping, and blushing. Keep it up you beautiful people! I love the way you guys have made an already amazing story even better.

Another Great Listening Adventure

So continues the misadventures of Bonnie and her exploration of the supernatural world. This installment slowly teases some of the backstory for the Barghest and the Fey Lord through Sara King's signature snarky dialogue and often hilarious interplay between the characters. My only gripe is these books seem too short. They feel more like mini installments instead of full blown stories in their own right. That said, there's plenty of action and amazing world building. Narration is fantastic. Annie Ellicot has a voice you could listen to all day and the other narrators are awesome as well. Every character has a very distinctive voice. On a side note I'm starting to pick out some of Sara King's pet phrases. A lot hard swallowing and letting out held breaths. Anyway, I can't wait for the next book. Hopefully Bonnie is nicer to Naeyan next time around. I feel for you dude.