Off Message; Ameritocracy, Book 2

By A.C. Fuller

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Mia Rhodes was on the verge of transforming American politics. But when you take on the establishment, the establishment pushes back.

Six months ago, Mia Rhodes was a Seattle office manager, toiling away from nine to five and spending her weekends managing her online political competition, Ameritocracy. Now, that competition is spreading across the American political landscape, making Mia a celebrity and giving Ameritocracy a real shot at upending the two-party system in the 2020 election. But as the final voting draws near, Mia is betrayed by one of the people she trusts most, throwing Ameritocracy into disarray, and possibly ending her dream of changing American politics forever.

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

Annie Ellicott – Narration
Jeff Hays – Peter Colton, Harlon Dixon, and the Rest of the Male Cast
Dalton Lynne – Editing and Proofing
Griffin Malnar – Editing and Mastering

©2018 A.C. Fuller (P)2018 Jeff Hays

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Reviews (2)

A great sequel to book one.

Act 2 in this three part political thrill ride starts to pick up steam as things heat up for our main character. The success of her project and the the complications of running a platform for political revolution start to bear on Mia. Can’t wait to see the conclusion to this series