Mega-Mech-Apocalypse, Episode 6: Heavy Metal Night at the Met

By CJ Valin, Jaime Castle, Rachel Aukes

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Wave upon wave of malevolent robots have rampaged across New York City for a day. Only by superhuman feats have the heroes beaten them back and rescued the injured.

Defying this terror, Bastet, co-founder of the Guild of Masked Crimefighters, attends a charity gala for the victims. Little does she know, Crosscircuit is about to unleash the deadliest of his metal minions. Will the exhausted superheroes find a way to stop the robots before they finish off the traumatized city?

Find out in the exciting finale of Mega-Mech-Apocalypse!

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Reviews (5)

Action-Packed Finale!

Has been a pleasure to listen to. Loved how the authors connected stories. Looking forward to seeing more about these superheroes!

Awesome Final Episode!

Loved this! Thank you!