Mega-Mech-Apocalypse, Episode 2: Shocknet

By Jaime Castle, CJ Valin, Troy Osgood

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I was on the path to becoming an Olympic gymnast until a stupid accident cost me an arm. It also awakened my powers and bought the attention of Baron Steel. Apparenlty, he liked me, thought I had “balls.” Now, he’d decided to train me as a masked crimefighter.

He’s fond of assigning monikers to his pupils, and has dubbed Shocknet. I’m not sure if I love the name, but it fits. Somehow, I can manipulate electricity, and with the help of my prosthetic arm, I can control it.

With the drive and discipline of my gymnast days, I tackle my first real trial by fire: taking on a city full of enraged robots. Something tells me this is going to be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

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Reviews (7)

Great performance!!!

Jeff does Baron Steele as well as R.C. Bray did, and Madam Winkel was a joy!

Pretty good, no surprises

I'm glad the main characters don't have it too easy, that is something I have liked in the series. Superheroes in training is a fun concept.

Tremendously Fun!

Hats off to Troy for inventing a likable, relatable superhero that I got vested in as a character within the space of a single short story. I look forward to reading more about this one! Was great too that he worked in Baron Steele, a Raptors series favorite of mine.

Great performance!!!

Jeff does Baron Steele as well as R.C. Bray did, and Madam Winkel was a joy!

Great Episode!

Great episode! Loved it!