Mega-Mech-Apocalypse, Episode 1: Corvus

By Patricia Gilliam, Jaime Castle, CJ Valin

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Young Dex Mitchell, son of the late and legendary Mercury, finds himself face to face with his most diabolical enemy yet: Rich and Mindy, daytime talk show hosts extraordinaire.

When the interview goes south, he and his friends depart to solitude only to be attacked by a horde of violent robots. This event sends him spiraling down path to uncover the truth behind the attack. Why him? Why Corvus, Illinois of all places? Did this have something to do with his parents?

Whisked away to New York by none other than The Black Harrier’s own Luis Chen, Dex will assist the Guild in taking down one of Earth’s most dangerous criminals: Crosscircuit.

Start the Super Serial now with Raptors: Mega-Mechapocalypse, Episode 1: Corvus. In partnership with Aethon Books.

The next episode is coming to the SBT platform on the first Tuesday of next month! Plus, there’s even more from Jaime Castle and CJ Valin in the Raptors universe on Audible!

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Reviews (9)


This was a fun, fast paced story, suitable for all ages. The world and characters are interesting. The actors and sounds enraptured me. I truly enjoyed the experience. I look forward to the next installment.



I loved the raptor series and I'm enjoying this so far!

I need more of this story!

Corvus was a uniquely enjoyable story, plunging me into a very down-to-earth array of characters who happen to be superheroes. I can tell there is a deep pool of lore beneath the surface of this story, hinted at with each new character we meet. It's a great superhero tale with a noir detective slant. My only complaint by the end of the story was I didn't want it to end!

Entertaining, now I want to read the full book.


Sounds great!

I loved the first episode.

Love it! Thank you!