Mega-Mech-Apocalypse, Episode 4: Analog vs Digital

By CJ Valin, Jaime Castle, Walt Robillard

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In the world of Taylor Fosse, “cute robots” means mini-tanks with swiveling .50 caliber machine guns on them. It’s part-n-parcel for his job as a blogger for the city’s villain community, because, hey, they gotta make a living too, you know! But when he shows up to interview the East Coast’s best tinkerer, Repo-Guy, neither counted on the party being crashed by a horde of giant murder-mechs.

Now, Taylor’s own superpowers will be tested to their limits as he races to save the family that took him in. When analog meets digital, the sparks will fly in this latest installment of Raptors: Mega-Mech Apocalypse!

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The next episode is coming to the SBT platform on the first Tuesday of next month! Plus, there’s even more from Jaime Castle and CJ Valin in the Raptors universe on Audible!

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Reviews (2)

Great episode!

I’ve loved listening to this entire series. Fantastic job!

Another Fun Story Here to Repo Your Imagination!

Gotta hand it to the writers for consistently coming up with fun new takes on super heroes and villains. This time around the hero is more than reluctant and definitely hanging with the wrong crowd, but when the microchips are down, it’s neat to see if he’ll do the right thing…and what it may cost him.