Mega-Mech-Apocalypse, Episode 5: Sensational Smiths

By CJ Valin, Jaime Castle, John Graves

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Scarlet Smith and her parents came to New York City for a quiet field trip to the art museum. What they got was a giant robot attack. Too bad for the robots, because Scarlet’s parents are the celebrated superheroes Boomer and Mama Bear. But while the dynamic couple rips through the metal maniacs, their ordinary daughter faces a different kind of evil — a monstrous killer hiding in plain sight. Will Scarlet overcome the ominous figure known as the Jester, or become his latest victim?

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The next episode is coming to the SBT platform on the first Tuesday of next month! Plus, there’s even more from Jaime Castle and CJ Valin in the Raptors universe on Audible!

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Reviews (2)

Awesome episode!

Fantastic job on all of these!

Sensationally Fun!!

What happens when your homeschool field trip gets interrupted by a robot apocalypse? Nothing good for the robots, especially when your parents are a couple of superheroes! But for 15 y/o Scarlett, it’s a bit more complicated than that when she catches the eye of a mysterious and most unsavory creep. For the heroes, the clock is ticking to save the city. Will there be time left over to save their daughter too? Find out!