Small Chests Are Fine Too, Chapter 4: On the Shoulders of Giants – Cinematic Audio

By Neven Iliev

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They say shoot for the moon, but this is just ridiculous, even by the erratic standards of the God of Chaos. Still, as his devoted Paladin, Fizzy is determined to adapt to her extraordinary circumstances and eventually find her way home, even if it takes her centuries. Still, she’d best not dally, as her companions-by-chance probably don’t have that luxury. Bloody meatbags.

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When I was little, I used to have dreams of making video games for a living. I didn't have a console, but the games I played on my PC blew my mind as a kid.

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Reviews (7)

Improved use of background noise, stellar voice acting and combat sounds.

I appreciated how the background noise contextual changes based on the environment and the sound effects turn otherwise plain descriptions into breath-catching experiences. That said, the one detraction I noticed was that there were 1-2 occasions where Fizzy's actions had clear sound cues defined, but we didn't hear anything despite being in the cinematic audio. The net result was that I didn't really imagine the additional sound being described, as I was already engaged with the sounds I was actually hearing.