Tales From the Battered Mind, Episode 10: The Auldhund

By Sara King

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Master and slave. Captor and captive. Auld and Auldhund. The relationship between the magical Aulds and their beast-like Auldhunds is a dismal shell of what was once a deep kinship. Defying what is certain death, Auldhund Wulmaer makes his escape and seeks refuge in the forests beyond his caged existence. But will he manage to stay ahead of the malicious Aulds on his trail?

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Form and Function

Tales From the Battered Mind, Episode 10: The Auldhund is a short story by Sara King, released on audio book. It's also related to one of my favorite Sara King series (but let's face it they're ALL my favorite series; this woman can't go wrong), Shadow of the Spyre. If you're not familiar with this series you can find it on Royal Road, where Sara's moniker is "RabbleRouser." It's not finished yet, but there's still plenty to read, and OMG! Is it ever great! "The Auldhund" is pure fantasy, the story of an abused auldhund who escapes his master and is given shelter by a kind baker and his young son, and what happens to them when the master learns of it. It's also a story of learning to trust again and the restoration of the "Old Ways" when the auldhund meets again a man who wants his friendship and fealty according to the Old Ways. It's a heartwarming story which I absolutely loved and am going to listen to again as soon as I finish this review. Thank you Sara, SBT and narrator Ryan for such a wonderful story!