Tales from the Battered Mind; Episode Three, “The Golden Directive and The First God of Fire“

By Sara King

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Guest narrator, Henry Kramer, graces Tales from the Battered Mind with two hand-picked short stories by Sara King, herself!

“The Golden Directive”: Collin’s company has given him a directive to kill Marcus Golden. But if he does, the entire rebel structure will collapse. Besides, Collin’s been fighting a different war — a war with his programming.

“The First God of Fire”: A Legend of ZERO origin story! The Ooreiki and seven other cultures have, after a long and bloody battle, finally bested the fearsome Jreet. With only a few Jreet survivors asking to parley, the Ooreiki meet with their allies to discuss a final solution…

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Loved the alien one


As usual, anything written by Sara King leaves you wanting MORE! MORE! MORE! These short stories are stand alones, but also amazing precursors to her Outer Bounds series and Zero series, so don’t despair, there is more if you feel compelled to continue – which you most certainly will! Can’t recommend these series, or her writing, enough!

Wow. Incredibly well written!