Tales from the Battered Mind; Episode Six, “Parasite”

By Sara King

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A hunted, near-extinct brain parasite has fallen in love with a member of the species that exterminated his people, and he hasn’t yet told her what he really is. Now he’s desperate to keep her safe while holding onto the love they share. Can their love survive his brutal past, or will telling her be the biggest mistake of Stuart’s long life?

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Reviews (5)

"My real name is Stuart."

A quirky, bittersweet love story with a great narration by Jeff

A sad ending not what you usually expect.

Riveting from start to finish. Evokes strong emotions throughout the story. Truly a work of art.

Almost got me to cry...

It’s quite possible, that if I hadn’t read this story a few times prior to listening to the audio, Jeff Hays would have made me actually cry. So many strong and deep emotions along this journey, and each one was done masterfully. The vulnerability, tenderness, paralyzing fear, overwhelming love, and soul-crushing loneliness… I felt all of it. Not once was I brought out of the story with gimmicky-type voices, to cheapen what the characters were going through… only raw, true emotions, and realness. What a rollercoaster of awesome! Sara King, you picked well to have this story brought to life in this way.

absolutely loved it!