Tales from the Battered Mind; Episode Two, “Bridesicle”

By Will McIntosh

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A dead woman in a cryogenic dating facility must convince one of the facility’s wealthy clients to choose her.

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  • Release Date: 12/06/2021
  • Genres: Horror

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Amazing, inventive

Amazing, inventive perfect performance as always from SBT

Different but touching

Like it

instantly captured me and kept me enthralled till the end. left me wanting more. luckily theres a full length book available!

"You can't cry when you're dead." My

Set in a future where dying, if not yet prevented, could be postponed with the choice of being absorbed by a loved one and sharing mind and body with them, or cryogenic freezing in the expectation of revival some time later. Mira had died in a car crash, waking decades later to a voice, a face, a male, telling her that it if deemed a suitable marriage prospect, she could be revived, repaired and alive again: greatly to be desired given that in the death state there were ‘no thoughts, no dreaming, nothing’.

This short story offers a fascinating, if terrifying, potential future, and is very human, too. Narrated by the excellent Jeff Hayes it becomes unmissable.
The book can be downloaded for free from Soundbooth Theatre. The author, Will MacIntosh, later used this award winning short story as the basis for a full length novel, Love Minus Eighty

Wow. So much. Wow.

What a crazy, clever, beautiful story.