Bern Dean


As a child I did not read (unless Pokémon cards count). I wasn’t a reader until middle school when my mother played a trick on me; she got me entranced in the Harry Potter books. She read the first few to me before switching to reading me a chapter and leaving the book out for me to read if I wanted more. Thus started my love of reading – at least in part. I still didn’t go out of my way to find books to read, and after high school, I could count on one hand how many books I would read each year. Life continued like this for over five years before I became hooked on an anime and searched out its light novel. This led to the phase where I was reading at least a couple books a month to where I went through over 300 books in 2021.

Now I am putting my own work into the world while following my own mantra: “To write for yourself, or you will never love what you write.” When I first started to put my ideas into words, I was surprised to find that those I shared it with loved it. This led me onto the road of putting out my own book for the world to see. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me in making this dream a reality.