Eternal Dominion, Book 1: Restart

By Bern Dean

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Year 2286. Alex Bell has put in 20 years of work in the VR game Eternal Dominion — a full-dive fantasy VRMMO game that accounts for around 20% of the world’s economy. He had risen to the top as a vice guild leader, and thanks to his work his guild was steps away from truly standing with the other top guilds. Only fate decided to rip it all away at the last moment. After his fall, Alex awakens to see his 18-year-old self looking back at him in the mirror. It’s 2266, and Eternal Dominion is set to launch in a matter of hours, but this time, things will be different. This time, he will succeed in life and make sure his friends and family are along for the ride … even if he has to drag them along to do so.

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A mmorpg story that Is a Peggy sue story for reason

I don't understand why this is Peggy Sue story. I thought episode 0 was meant but it at least had a good setup for a story with an evil company taking over, a hero quitting his guild which leaves his friend worried, another company taking an interest in the hero, an in-hame riot. And that gets undone by the end of that story and the beginning of this one Doesn't help that you seemed to start at the most boring part of the story with him trying to build his guild and business and its just not enjoyable to listen to to the point I just stopped listening. Maybe more voice actors would have helped but that can only help so much since I don't know how you can have a real job playing a MMO and the Peggy Sue thing which I don't understand how or why it happened. Listening to this only reminded me of some writing advice: "Is this the most interesting point of our characters life and if not why aren't you showing us that"

Everything you want it to be.

Classic power leveling and simple hero, villain dynamics. Root for the hero and they win without to much suffering. Convenient boy girl ratios for relationship development.