Eternal Dominion, Book 5: Interference

By Bern Dean

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Abysses End has left for the time being, but they left behind a parting gift of sorts. Meanwhile in Eternal Dominion the major workshops are stirring up trouble for FAE to waylay their progress. All while Alex/Xeal tries to advance himself and his guild further in both reality and the virtual world once more. Will FAE succeed in fending off the latest moves from the major players, and what other surprises does life have instore for Alex/Xeal.

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He is supposed to be a strategist?

I’ve liked the books for the most part but My biggest problem is the whole love thing I can get over the fact he has a harem it doesn’t really bother me but everything to do with his love life seems extremely forced and like he can’t do anything to get out of it I can some what understand the nobility relationships but the “real world” ones don’t make sense. Don’t even get me started on the whole kids thing because that was just incompetence on his part it was like the author wanted to give him more issues in the “real world” but forgot his MC would never let that happen if the book actually followed his personality

Gave up here

The technical aspects of the writing are quite good. The premise is goofy, but whatever; every book has some improbability that sets the plot in motion, and this is better than many. The Bern describes enough, but generally avoids being descriptive to the point of dragging the flow of the book. Dialogue could use work. Kind of a lot, really; it's very stilted, and there's a lot of "He avoided the attack by dodging" sort of redundancy. But I just couldn't take any more. The characters are flat, everything just falls into the main character's lap, and the MC is steely and logical in everything except the ever-growing harem (wherein he seems to lose any resemblance to a will). The MC is supposed to be clever, but it's hard to say because it seems no-one else in the world has more than a room-temperature IQ. There's just no real, effective conflict. Maybe that comes later, but I just can't bring myself to slog past this book. I think Bern's got the fundamentals, but a good (and critical) writing workshop would probably help polish his writing.

Book 5

Loved the Audio to this book can't wait for the rest to come out