Eternal Dominion, Book 8: Crossroads

By Bern Dean

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Having picked up a trio of young ladies who are in need of an escort back home, Xeal sets off to return them to their tribes in the beast-man lands.

If Xeal can manage to strike a few deals with the various tribes along the way, all the better.

All while Abysses End has come once again to pay Alex a visit in reality, bringing four more of its workshops members who have anything but good intentions for him.

All leading up the holidays and the last days before Alex and his friends have at home, before they move out of state!

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Reviews (8)

I am still enjoying the series

the herem plot is ok but I wish that it was actually more polyamory than just a harum. If at least one of the women had another boyfriend or girlfriend outside of the main characters relationship it might feel more balanced.


I enjoy the telling of the story. The pace and world building are excellent. As well as the bursts of humor. While I don’t usually appreciate harem stories, I appreciate and applaud the focus on the emotional side. Highly enjoyable.

Book 8

loved the way the story is going just wish there was more