Eternal Dominion, Book 2: Traction

By Bern Dean

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Xeal and friends continue their journey to the top of Eternal Dominion. However, as Xeal searches out potential leaders for his guild and bolsters its ranks, others are moving as well. Will he and his guild weather the storm, or will they lose their footing and be stopped before they can even really begin?

Author’s Note: Yes, I begin to introduce romantic complications in this book; yes, Alex’s/Xeal’s relations will become more complex and integral to the plot of this series as it goes on. No, I will not be writing any smut scenes; I will set up things and skip all the details (my 73-year-old mother reads these, and yeah, enough said). I hope you all understand that for Alex/Xeal, having a meaningful relationship was something that escaped him in his first life, and this time around he is going to try to make it work sometimes a bit too hard.

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