Eternal Dominion, Book 3: Concessions

By Bern Dean

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After overcoming the assault in Eternal Dominion by Abysses End’s members Alex/Xeal and his friend have shown that they can stand firm. Now they must navigate Abysses End’s advances in reality without isolating themselves from the entirety of the VR gamming workshop community. While the nobles of Nium have begun to take a vested interest in Alex’s/Xeal’s progress. Will Alex/Xeal and his friends be able to navigate these diplomatic situations or will they find themselves dancing to the tune of others.

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The character writing is great but bittersweet as it's all for a harem I hope the following books drop the harem it feels tasteless and will get in the way of future books


Okay, it’s harem. Can’t avoid it. Setting that aside the story is great, the telling is wonderful, and the world enticing. I’m enjoying it. The harem bit… I could do without, do agree that it is more focused on the emotional side than physical, and the physical is a pan-to-the-window or fade-to-black scene cut, which I appreciate. Enjoy.

Book 3

Loved the Audio to this book can't wait for the rest to come out