Eternal Dominion, Book 4: Assertions

By Bern Dean

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Alex/Xeal tried to let things come to him and in doing so things escalated quickly almost ending in disaster for him. Now it’s time for him to make his Will known and assert himself on those who wish to assert themselves on him. As forces from both reality and Eternal Dominion try to manipulate Alex/Xeal for their own designs, will he succeed or will he find himself overwhelmed and bogged down by the plans of others?

Make sure friends and family stay together: Check

Get first guild bonus: Check

Establish a stable revenue stream: Check

Secure future leaders for his guild: Check

Spread the fame of his guild: Check

Become A knight of Nium: Check

Become a true noble of Nium:

Maintain his freedom in and out of ED:

Develop members of FAE into elite players:

Book 4 of Eternal Dominion completes the setup of the story with far more adventure and quests as FAE sets off on the guild’s first expedition and much more. This is where Alex/Xeal truly begins his adventure as he works to complete the final items on his start up check list.

A fair warning, this story contains a harem element, and will see our MC deal with the advances of several women both in and out of game. Some will be more successful than others. Some will piss the reader off while other will make them smile (at least I hope). Currently the harem stands at 4 entering this book and until Alex/Xeal says “I love you” to them assume anything can happen! I hope you enjoy my story and even if you don’t, thank you for at least giving it a chance to develop.

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Not another harem story please.

The harem plot is starting to detract from the rest of the story. The performance was still fantastic and do enjoy the story but I wish there was just a little bit less growing herem stuff.

Book 4

Loved the Audio to this book can't wait for the rest to come out