The Stars Have Eyes, Episode Twelve, “Fame, Fine Print, and Family”

By Neven Iliev

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Maggie accidentally starts a cult. Then she meets Joe’s mum.

About The Author

When I was little, I used to have dreams of making video games for a living. I didn't have a console, but the games I played on my PC blew my mind as a kid.

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Reviews (10)

One of the finest yet. I look forward to seeing them compiled into a collection when you’re further along.

Can’t wait for the next!

damn good

Jeff is my superhero, this series is great and I’m happy to be current now that I just finished binging the whole show. love it keep it up!!

Can’t wait for more

Looking forward to hearing more!

So much more to to hear!

Brilliant ...

… as always!

looking forward to the next episode

I do love this series and Jeff Hayes & co do a brilliant job I look forward to the next installment