Cold Reads — Legends of Arenia, Book 2: Discovery

By P.A. Parsons

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  • Raw audio of upcoming audiobook
  • No edits – includes chatting, mess-ups, cursing and laughing
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Palmyre. A city of questions and a family short on answers. And foremost on everyone’s mind is the question that matters most: Where is Grandpa Jack?

After a long and arduous journey, the Sullivan family has made it to Palmyre. The initial joy over their reunion soon fades, however, when Grandpa Jack fails to arrive. With no way of seeking him out, they turn their attention to surviving in a town far different from anything they have experienced before. For some, it is a matter of learning who they are. For others, it is about learning what they are becoming. And for Grandpa Jack, well, he would have gotten to that damn town ages ago if there weren’t so many damn creatures, monsters, and gods in the way.

As for Turkaletta…does anyone think of the turkey? Nooo. It’s all, “Where’s Grandpa Jack?” Couldn’t just one person say, “What about our turkey?”

Sigh. Looks like she’ll have to do it her way.


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