Cold Reads: Alaskan Fire — Guardians of the First Realm, Book 1

By Sara King

(2 Reviews)


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WARNING! Incomplete, UNSTABLE audio. Listen at own risk!
  • Raw audio of upcoming audiobook
  • No edits – includes chatting, mess-ups, cursing and laughing
  • Available for a limited time! (Until complete version is published to Audible)

Guardians of the First Realm, Alaskan Fire: Finally — an Alaskan fantasy adventure written by a lifelong Alaskan!

Blaze MacKenzie is a brand new heiress who just discovered that her ‘parents’ actually found her abandoned as an infant in a bizarre human sacrifice in the woods. Along with that news came a six hundred thousand dollar check, a strange golden feather, and the ability to move to the Alaska Bush and begin her dream-life living off the Grid. But unfortunately for Blaze, something else was there first, and he’s not willing to move…

Paranormal Romance / Werewolves & Shifters Fantasy
For lovers of Contemporary Fiction and Romance, Werewolves & Shifters, Mythological Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, and Adventure Fantasy, Alaskan Fire is a fresh new look into the myths and monsters of old. A Contemporary Werewolves & Shifters romance for adults, but also suitable for mature Teen & Young Adult readers.


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Reviews (2)

Zachary is Amazeballs! Sofa King Good

This book is so much fun, I lost myself in it for hours. It’s something I looked forward to, an audio snack for the day 🙂 Props to the author Sara King! She creates worlds that I want to live in, and Zach brought them to life. Brilliant!!