Cold Reads — Guardians of the First Realm, Book 2: Alaskan Fury

By Sara King

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For lovers of unforgettable shapeshifter fantasies, intense Alaskan adventures, and hilarious paranormal romances, Alaskan Fury is an award-winning stand-alone novel that leaves readers breathless to the very last page…

Long ago, Kaashifah the Fury, Chosen warrior of the Lord of War, fought a djinni to a stalemate in an ancient duel of souls. Three thousand years later, she and ‘Aqrab, the passionate djinni prince of the Fourth Lands, are still bound together, each waiting for the other to make that final, killing blow. To complicate matters, they are being hunted across the vast Alaskan wilderness by a team of holy soldiers who are specially trained—and highly successful—at capturing the numerous magical beings of the Five Realms. In order to save their friends from the Inquisition, some compromises must be made…and some boons given. But in unraveling the magics that bind them, will these two ancient immortals learn to trust each other, or will their own thawing hearts be their undoing? ALASKAN FURY is a whirlwind tale of two immortals woven together by a three-thousand-year-old curse who are forced to flee across the Alaskan wilderness in search of dragons to save their friends. It is a story of love and adventure, of djinni wish-makings and brutal sword fights, of Inquisitional wits and mythological heroes, of depth of spirit battling bigotry and violence. Fast-paced and full of action, it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.


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Reviews (3)


Awesome job love the cold reads look forward to listening to more u guys rock I’ve listened To a lot of books on audio your guy’s editing department does an excellent job ! Better then a lot of bigger entities Zach you f#%^n rock !!!! When u get on a roll u smash it out of the park!!!!!!!