Cold Reads: Dungeon Crawler Carl 5

By Matt Dinniman

(31 Reviews)


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WARNING! Incomplete, UNSTABLE audio. Listen at own risk!
  • Raw audio of upcoming audiobook
  • No edits — includes chatting, mess-ups, cursing and laughing
  • Available for a limited time! (Until complete version is published to Audible)

Attention. Attention. The gates are down. The hunters are loose.
Run, Run, Run.

A lush jungle teeming with danger. Savage dinosaurs seeking blood. A fallen princess intent on vengeance. A mysterious, end-of-floor celebration for the top crawlers, dubbed “The Butcher’s Masquerade.”

The sixth floor. The Hunting Grounds.

As the remaining crawlers battle for their lives, a new, terrible threat looms. Outside tourists are finally allowed to enter the game, and they are here and ready to hunt. Among them is Vrah, a famed and veteran hunter, intent on collecting the biggest trophy of her career.

But their prey is far from harmless, and this season they are fighting back.

Dungeon Crawler Carl and Princess Donut return in book five of the acclaimed litrpg series.


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Reviews (31)

Ducking awesome



Interesting way to catch up with carl

Best of its Class

Please…. Please give us more. DCC + Jeff Hays = Crack.
Audiobooks collaborations like this will leave you addicted.
Perhaps listening to some Kaiju afterwards might help but not guaranteed to break this addiction.
Matt D. if you read this, please cancel all other projects until you complete this story you bastard.

love it

Great job!


it’s so good. as soon as it hits your ears it tastes so good. this was my first cold read experience, and the behind the scenes point of view is 12/10. I’ve discovered quite a few great authors just from being a fan of Jeff’s narration, like Matt, who continues to impress as well. great job guys

Have read this book already on royal road, own the 4 first books paper and audio versions and downloaded the app specifically cause of Jeff doing this cold read on YouTube. And yes I am going to listen to Kaiju Jeff. 🥺 I can hear you saying it in my dreams you said it so much. 😱 But listen to dungeon crawler Carl. Jeff is amazingly talented as always and so is Matt the author. He will have you guessing where the story will go. That’s because half the time he doesn’t know either haha.

Great book with the most perfect narrator!!! Love Jeff‘s work and love these books as well

So awesome!

This makes me super excited for the full audiobook. It was also really cool to see more of Jeff’s process. Thanks sbt!