Cold Reads — Engineering Ludus

By Steven Keiler

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WARNING! Incomplete, UNSTABLE audio. Listen at own risk!

  • Raw audio of upcoming audiobook
  • The author, Steven Keiler, chillin in-stream, giving direction
  • No edits – includes chatting, mess-ups, cursing and laughing
  • Available for a limited time! (Until complete version is published to Audible)

Zac Riggs would not have survived on Ludus for very long without his adopted sister, Gazra-tam. Gazra-tam is an ocelot-race Mo’hali, and Riggs is an engineering student from Earth who was transported to Ludus. The two make an unlikely team.

Riggs and his sister had been comfortable living in a trap-filled dungeon before bandits attacked. But now there are bodies all over the floor and it doesn’t quite feel like home anymore.

The time has come for Gazra-tam to lead Riggs out of the wilderness to a city. Ludus is full of dangers, but the two are not defenseless. Riggs has budding, if underwhelming, magical powers, and his sister is good with a spear. Hopefully it will be enough.

Adventure awaits…whether they’re ready or not. But with danger comes opportunity, too.

And if Riggs can figure out how to use his engineering know-how on a fantasy world full of magic and monsters, it might give him exactly the edge that he needs.


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