Cold Reads — Relict Legacy, Book 3: Earth Force 3

By Shemer Kuznits

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WARNING! Incomplete, UNSTABLE audio. Listen at own risk!

  • Raw audio of upcoming audiobook
  • No edits – includes chatting, mess-ups, cursing and laughing
  • Available for a limited time! (Until complete version is published)

The name of the culprit behind Earth’s Calamity has finally been revealed, and it’s one feared by all: Eater of Worlds.

As the spearheads of humanity, it’s now up for Unity and her crew to search for the means to thwart the inevitable ending, but for that, they’ll also need the support of every surviving human on the planet.

And that’s not so easily accomplished.

Even as doom creeps closer, the majority of the remaining population still struggles against the endless hordes of mutated monsters. Before facing the ultimate threat, the crew must find ways to uplift the rest of humanity and reclaim their planet.

Only then will the human race stand a chance against the final apocalypse.


About The Author

Shemer has been a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and RPG games for decades. He started devouring LitRPG books from the moment he discovered them back in 2016. After reading well over 100 of them, Shemer decided to contribute to the genre by writing his first novel: Life Reset.

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