Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon: Episode One, “The Mural”

By Matt Dinniman

(34 Reviews)



An artist, still broken from a horrific family tragedy, takes on a commission that seems too good to be true: $15,000 to paint a mural. But there’s a catch. He has to first enter the deep-dive, VR videogame, Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon in order to see what the client wants him to paint.

Trapped in a bloody, merciless nightmare, Duke only has one goal — to survive. And in order to survive, he must play the game. He must win the game. And to do that, he must become the most cruel, most ruthless monster of them all.

In this first episode, Duke receives an offer he can’t refuse.

©2020 Matt Dinniman (P)2021 Soundbooth Theater

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Reviews (34)

absolutely excellent book loved it can’t wait for the next installment 👍😁

Absolutely fantastic. I bought the audible version and had trouble getting into it. this was much more engaging. keep up the great work!

great start!!!

loving this

Simply amazing, this is well above the quality you would expect from its price 😉 highly reccomended, warning graphic gore

Incredible that this is free. Can’t wait for more… had to buy the full book on audible but i will return for this superior version.

This is just amazing! I cant wait to hear more!

Positively terrifying

Where Dungeon Crawler Carl balanced horror with humour, KBS throws the humour out the window. Brought to life by the talented members of SBT, KBS is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

can’t wait for the next one. As I expect from this author, the imagery was awesome and Jeff Hays and team with their brilliant narration and background music took it to a whole another level.

This was totally awesome and I can\’t wait for the second episode! The entire cast was exceptional, loving the production quality. After listening to dungeon crawler carl I waited to listen to KBS until I could hear this deep dive version. Great work Matt & Jeff!

The production value is unbelievable!! Performances are are just incredible!! I can’t wait for the next episode!!

The voicework is great as always from the SBT crew. I think the real sellingpoint for this book is the sound design though, because god damn, it’s amazing to listen to. 1000% should pick this up and listen as soon as possible!

Seriously awesome narration. This is super immersive!

Better than on Audible

First time trying deep dive audio and I loved it.
This is not my type of book due to the gore ambut the execution of the sounds effects and the total emersion was soo good that I can’t wait for episode 2. Also i wasnt too sure about the whole “deep dive” audio but when you compare the Audible sample and the Soundbooth sample there is a night and day difference.

Deep In

I’ve already listened to the original audiobook, and this Deep Dive is a delectable addition to the experience. The atmosphere lends well to the reading, really helping immerse you in, and with Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon, that immersion can get… juicy.

really mess up, 5 stars


Loved it

Amazing work by birth Matt Dinniman and sound booth theater

I went and bought the book after listening to chapter one. The idea of gore and torture done through this Deep Dive is upsetting. I’m worried it will literally make me sick. I can hardly wait!

that was awesome!

Great listen

What a great beginning.

crazy, horrible and awesome. Matts nuts but this is really a wild book. The folks at sound booth are doing something great with the dramatization.

Gross. Awesome.

An excellent Halloween treat. Looking forward to part 2.

Great start

Such great production!!! Loved every minute of it!!

So very dark. Love it.

Super good but I want more now! December can not come fast enough!

I need more

Loved it you guys. Music, action sounds all on point! Writting was great too.


Great Narration, so-so story

this is amazing I can’t wait for more!!! Great job Sound Booth!!!

I’ve read the story, and I’m a big fan of Dungeon Crawler Carl. Gotta say, I didn’t really like the book that much, but this “deep dive” is fucking awesome! 🤘🏼