Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon; Episode One, “The Mural”

By Matt Dinniman

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An artist, still broken from a horrific family tragedy, takes on a commission that seems too good to be true: $15,000 to paint a mural. But there’s a catch. He has to first enter the deep-dive, VR videogame, Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon in order to see what the client wants him to paint.

Trapped in a bloody, merciless nightmare, Duke only has one goal — to survive. And in order to survive, he must play the game. He must win the game. And to do that, he must become the most cruel, most ruthless monster of them all.

In this first episode, Duke receives an offer he can’t refuse.

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Amazing! Highly recommend!

I love Matt Dinniman’s writing, very entertaining but it only really comes to life when soundbooth theater does the narration! Holy smokes Jeff Hays is good!!! Good job to everyone involve in the making of Kaiju battlefield surgeon ep.1!!!

it's good!