Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon; Episode Three, “Amplification”

By Matt Dinniman

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Duke participates in a religious ceremony. Another player emerges. A hidden kaiju reveals itself.

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Reviews (48)

Very immersive

Amazing thank you guys for always being so freaking good


These deep dives are intense.

10/10 Great work


Wow that was a little hard to listen too hahaha parts of this book can really make you uneasy! Especially this chapter! Amazing work to everyone who worked on this!! You guys are the best!!!

if you value your sanity fast forward the part with the amplification and the white worms.

Awesome book love it

I’m not sure if this is by design sing The Canadian may not know. The word Mohel is pronounced wrong. it should sound like Moy-IL. You guys do such a great job, so I thought it could be that he’s only read the word and never heard it spoken. (The character I mean. Either way, there’s today’s lesson in ancient Jewish baby mutilation. For more fun foreskin facts, please consult your local Rabbi. I’ll be busy feeling ridiculous that I just wrote this.

Superb and grotesque

you have to like this kind of material to keep going, and I do… maybe a little demented, but plenty Lovecraft like. Everyone likes dcc, this has an acquired taste.

Yes that was very graphic, but I still want more.