Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon; Episode Four, “Milk”

By Matt Dinniman

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A pair of Kaiju get into a scuffle. Banksy reunites with his master. Duke is offered a refreshing drink.

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Reviews (18)

Can’t get enough of this series!

Just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you SB and Matt Dinniman! Incredible performance!!!

O God, why? The most physically ill I have felt solely from words. Congratulations. Writing. Execution. Excellent.

Hell yes!! Warning MILK scene is ….just WOW!!!! Great Job!!!

I’m lactose intolerant… but this milkshake brought me to the yard. Dope production and crazy story!

This one isn’t as intense as the previous ones but is still good.


Love this story line this is the only way to listen to this book

ewwwww. lol. love this so much.

Keep em Coming!

Another master work. My stomach turns thinking of what Duke has done!

Another great addition to what is turning out to be one of the best audio experience to be created.