Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon; Episode Six, “Necroshire”

By Matt Dinniman

(26 Reviews)


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Duke jumps headfirst into the art of Kaiju husbandry and then makes an in-person visit to the clinic. Legal trouble abounds.

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Reviews (26)

Very good

Shit how’s he gonna get outta this one?

As per , Fantastic work


I feel like the music and sound effects really keep my mind focused. It makes it easier to stay interested and not have my brain wander. 10/10

Very good as always! If anyone from the production reads this, I don’t think I’m the only one but sometimes when the AI talks it’s hard to understand because of the effects ( especially if you listen in the car) anyway other than that, it’s amazing 🙂

Shit hits the fan!! Loving this series.

love the series, hope to keep going after ep 6 since it costs…

another good episode, but short. anyway on to the next episode

Short but sweet

The story is amazing. Needs better audio mastering. Hard to hear the words when the sound effects are going.

Eeew…. Kaiju spooge…

ehh this was all over the place