Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon; Episode Eleven, “Hell”

By Matt Dinniman

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Duke and Clara head south. Duke gets an update from the outside. A deal is brokered. 

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Reviews (7)

Politics again.... not only that but it's brain dead bullshit.... FUCK OFF

Hell is having to wait another month

Thanks to Matt Dinniman for the story. Thanks to Jeff and the team for redefining audio books. Last episode is on Halloween. Can't wait

Better every episode

Good stuff


Well worth the price of entry

Other brilliant episode of Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon. This is the penultimate episode, and everything is swiftly moving toward its' conclusion. Looking forward to the finale next month, it's been a wild ride. In addition, while I will miss free episodes, for me the cost verse enjoyment is totally justified. Soundbooth Theater have done an excellent job bringing the book to life, and deserve to reap some well earned reward.