Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon, Episode 7: Epsilon

By Matt Dinniman

(31 Reviews)


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Duke serves his time. Epsilon catches a cold. Clara tells on herself.

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Reviews (31)

Way way too much music

Not sure who thought it would be a good idea to have all the music almost covering over and out competing the dialogue and story all throughout this section. Hard to pay attention to the actual story because of the very random music constantly playing. The rest of the sound effects I think are fine if they also didn't have to compete. Thankfully other stories from you guys don't seem to be plagued by this same issue. Interesting story different than what I normally like but definitely entertaining. The story and voice acting are quite good and in the end it's worth a listen.

Great, but…

Chapter 53 would skip straight to ending credits couldnt fix so im just gonna have to miss a part of the story